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Read from the Start – Quality Start LA has teamed up with the Los Angeles Public Library (LAPL) System and the LA County Library (LACL) System to bring you “Read from the Start.”

Each month, QSLA and your local library systems will work together to develop a themed booklist, reading tips, and family activities all designed for families with children ages birth to five. Click on the Read from the Start booklists below to download a PDF of the list.

October 2019: Learning Emotions Booklist

Monthly Activity: Breathing Through It

Teach your child how to self-regulate and calm down, by showing them how to use mindful breathing to relax. By practicing this as play, your child can learn this important skill in a fun way!

  1. With your hand on your stomach, show your child how to breathe in through their nose to fill their belly with air.
  2. Then, have your child slowly exhale by breathing out of their mouth and feel their belly contract. Repeat Steps 1 and 2 a few times.
  3. Next, ask your child to pretend to be frustrated and then to practice belly breathing.
  4. Have your child notice the difference in how their body feels after belly breathing. Ask them:
  5. Can you feel the air coming out of your mouth?
    • Can you feel the air coming out of your mouth?
    • Do your face and body feel more relaxed?

This activity is inspired by the Sesame Street in Communities’ activity: Bellying Breathing.

Monthly Family Reading Tip: Make Connections

While you are reading, make connections between the events, characters or setting to your child’s own experiences.  In this way, your child will feel more connected to the story and learn critical thinking skills.

Monthly Booklist: To print out and share!

Click on the images below to download our full booklists, or scroll to the bottom of the page to find every book at your local Los Angeles Public and LA County Library.

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Find this month’s books at your local library. Did you know? Many of these books are also available for digital download.

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