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Read from the Start – Quality Start LA has teamed up with the Los Angeles Public Library (LAPL) System, the LA County Library (LACL) System, and Sesame Street in Communities to bring you “Read from the Start.”

Each month, QSLA and your local library systems will work together to develop a themed booklist, reading tips, and family activities all designed for families with children ages birth to five. Click on the Read from the Start booklists below to download a PDF of the list.

February 2020: Black History Month

Monthly Activity: We are Different/We are the Same

Try one of these quick activities to help your child think about people who may be similar to or different from themselves.

1.  Ask your child to strike a superhero pose and share one special thing about him- or herself. Ask your child to share something special about a friend or family member.

2.  Have your child think about their friends or family members. Ask them to think of ways they are the same, and ways they are different. What color hair and eyes do they have? How many ears? Do they wear glasses? What is their favorite color? What do they like best about that person?

3.   Talk about families you know. Invite kids to draw and share a family picture. Share, “Not all families are the same. Some families have one parent, some have two, some may even have more. Sometimes there are brothers or sisters or grandparents.” Then talk about what’s true of all families-for instance, that they all love and want to take care of each other.

This activity is inspired by We are all Different, We are all the Same from Sesame Street in Communities.

Monthly Family Reading Tip: Ask Questions

Stop and ask questions while reading to your little one. Take time to listen to your child’s answers. When you encourage your child to tell you what he or she thinks, you’re building language skills, encouraging critical thinking and learning more about how your child sees the world at the same time.

Monthly Booklist: To print out and share!

Click on the images below to download our full booklists, or scroll to the bottom of the page to find every book at your local Los Angeles Public and LA County Library.

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Find this month’s books at your local library. Did you know? Many of these books are also available for digital download.

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