Resources for Families

Quality Improvement Resources for Families

Quality Start Los Angeles was designed to be a resource to families, early learning providers, and the community as a whole. QSLA believes that children across Los Angeles County deserve and need a high quality early learning experience so that they succeed in school and life.

Child Development Tools and Information

Choosing Quality Child Care – Tips for parents looking for quality programs.

All About Young Children: Information for Families on Children’s Early Development

Online publication providing resources in various languages for families based on the California Infant/Toddler Learning & Development Foundations and the California Preschool Learning Foundations. Parents and family members can find out what skills help children from birth to age five learn, how they learn language, how they learn about feelings and relationships, how they learn about numbers, and how they become skillful at moving their bodies.

Bright Futures/Child Care Health Partnership Handouts for Parents

Information on what child care programs will be working on with a child based on the child’s age. Each handout includes tips, tools for healthy, active living, and questions for parents to ask their health care professional.

The Parent Toolkit App is an online resource to help parents navigate their child’s journey from pre-kindergarten through high school. Also available in Spanish , the app allows parents to access academic benchmarks, as well as health and wellness resources including physical development and nutritional information.

Vroom — Vroom is a source of creative tools and materials that inspire families to turn everyday moments into brain-building moments. It was developed with thoughtful input from parents, early childhood experts, neuroscientists, parents and community leaders.

Learn the Signs. Act Early.  
From birth to 5 years, your child should reach milestones in how he plays, learns, speaks, acts and moves. The CDC has provided a resource to track your child’s development and act early if you have a concern.

Sesame Street in Communities — When a child endures a traumatic experience, the whole family feels the impact. But, adults hold the power to help lessen the effects of trauma. Sesame Street has created a suite of resources to help children cope with trauma.