QSLA assessments are conducted by trained observers who use consistent standards.  These standards are based on the seven elements of the California Quality Rating Matrix.

Points are accumulated for each of the elements and the total amount of points determines the Overall Tier Rating 1 – 5. The higher the rating, the higher the quality of the program.

Key Elements of Quality

  • Adult-Child Ratios: Smaller number of children assigned to a qualified teacher and teacher assistant.
  • Physical Environment: Quality and safety of indoor and outdoor spaces, sufficient materials and resources, overall responsiveness to children, and family engagement.
  • Developmental Screening and Monitoring: Support childhood learning based on observations of a child’s interests and development.
  • Adult-Child Interactions: Adult participation and interaction with children to support social-emotional and educational development and learning.
  • Staff Qualifications:  Increasing teacher effectiveness and qualifications for center directors.

ECE Workforce Registry

The California Early Care and Education Workforce Registry  is a state, regional and local collaboration designed to track and promote the education, training and experience of the early care and education workforce for the purpose of improving professionalism and workforce quality to positively impact children.

Helpful Assessment Materials

Introduction to Ratings

CA – QRIS Implementation Guide

  • More detailed explanation of the assessment process

Continuous Quality Improvement Pathways

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