Coaching Partner Transition

Coaching Partner Transition Details

QSLA is here to support you and your site in your transition from LACOE to Child Care Alliance of Los Angeles as your QSLA coaching partner. Please check this page regularly for updates and new information to answer your questions about the transition process.


Frequently Asked Questions:  

See below for questions from QSLA participants and their responses from the QSLA Consortium.  New questions and responses will be added every Tuesday.  Responses may be updated as more information becomes available. Any updates will be noted with an *.

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Coaching Partner Transition Frequently Asked Questions

Coaching and Support

Q.  Can we have the same QSLA coach for the next school year to ensure continuity and staff growth?

A. Your QSLA Coach is currently hired by LACOE and their contract ends June 30,2023. Another highly-qualified coach, who is employed by a Resource and Referral (R and R) Agency in LA County, will be assigned to coach your site(s).  R and R coaches have been providing QSLA coaching for many years to other sites and are excited to work with your programs.

Q.  How and when will providers know what R & R agency they will be assigned to for coaching services?

A. All providers will be notified of the R and R that they will be assigned to for QSLA coaching by June 2023.

Q.  What resources (handouts, videos) will administrators and site supervisors be able to share with teaching teams about QSLA coaching and participation?

A.  LACOE coaches will receive an infographic about QSLA’s new structure as well as a 1-pager about the coaching team at each R and R to share with providers transitioning to those R and Rs.  This information should be available and shared in June 2023.

Q.  Will coaching support continue to be offered in person at the classroom level?

A. Beginning in the 2023-24 program year, your new coaching agency will have the capacity to offer in-person coaching supports at the classroom and site level based on request from the coaching participants.

  • Tier 1-3 CSPP sites will continue to have access to classroom level coaching.
  • Tier 4-5 CSPP and sites will now have the greater options related to classroom or site level coaching.
  • Non-rated CSPP and non-CSPP funded centers will have more options related to classroom or site level coaching.

Q.  What QSLA activities should transitioning providers expect from April-June 2023?

A. Transitioning providers will continue to access trainings and support from their LACOE coaching team through June 30, 2023. As the program year winds down, the LACOE team will continue to communicate updates, finalize QIP goals and ensure you have access to support, when needed. Providers will continue to be able to access all QSLA supports such as trainings, e-newsletters, etc. uninterrupted during their transition between coaching partners.

Q.  Will there be an orientation or meeting to introduce the new coaching partner?

A. Once transitioned sites sign and complete their 23-24 QSLA Agreement, sent by the Child Care Alliance of Los Angeles, in July 2023, their new coaching team will reach out to introduce themselves and conduct an orientation.  These orientations should begin in September 2023.

Q.  If I’m a year-round program, will I be able to start getting support immediately after June 30?

A.  CCALA will send contracts to all providers as close to July 1, 2023 as possible in order to begin services right away.  Coaching teams will reach out upon completion of your signed and submitted QSLA agreement, no later than September 2023.

Q.  Will there be any changes to the current support that we get from QSLA?

A.  Services will remain the same for PY 23-24 as they were in PY 22-23. Your new coaching partner will orient you as to the support services to expect during the PY 2023-24.


Q.  Can I get a list of the new agencies contacts so I know who I can contact for questions around contracting, support, incentives, etc.?

A.  Your agency or program will receive a provider agreement/contract with the contact information for questions on contracting, supports offered, and incentives in July 2023.


Q.  Why can’t the QSLA incentives 2022-2023 able to roll over if we are unable to spend it by June 30th?

A.  QSLA’s state-funding agencies dictate whether the funds can be rolled over or not. As of today, the California Department of Education, California Department of Social Services and First 5 CA do now allow funds to roll over.

Q.  What is the maximum that you can spend per technology devices such as a smart TV per site?

A.  The maximum is $5,000. The unit cost includes all costs required to make the item serviceable, such as taxes, freight, installation costs, site preparation costs, etc.

Q.  Do the QSLA funds cover food cost for parent meetings or family events?

A.  No, food is not an allowable expense using QSLA incentive funds.



Q.  When will assessments begin and how will I be provided support to prepare?

A. The QSLA Assessment Process has resumed as of April 2023. Due to the pandemic, there is a long back log of sites that need to be assessed. If your site is scheduled to be assessed in the next 6 months, you’ve been contacted with details to prepare. Once your site is in the queue, you will recieve technical assistance to prepare for the assessment and rating of your site(s). You may email with questions specific to your site.

General QSLA Questions

Q.  Who can providers contact if they feel confused during the transition or need information related to their participation in QSLA?

A.  You may contact Sandra Gonzalez at LACOE. Please email at

Q.  Can we schedule meetings so I can become more familiar with QSLA? What resources would you recommend so I may have a deeper understanding of QSLA? Are there any trainings for new directors?

A.  QSLA welcomes the opportunity to meet with new directors at any time to explain QSLA offerings. Your new contract will have details on who to contact to set up a meeting to learn more about QSLA. The QSLA website is a great resource to learn about QSLA coaching models, incentives, and training opportunities.