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Talking about Differences and Similarities with Children

It’s important to help children recognize that although everyone has something to offer, we are all different and our differences bring joy to life. Differences help us learn about each other, build strong relationships, and have experiences that broaden our perspective and understanding of the world. Acknowledging and talking about differences with young children regularly is important for a healthy development.

Young children may have many unique and difficult questions about differences. Quality Start LA’s Me and My Friends e-book was created to help guide conversations about differences.

While reading Me and My Friends with your child, try asking:

  1. What are some ways we are alike and different?
  2. We are all good at doing different things. How has someone helped you with something that was hard for you? How have you helped someone else?
  3. How do our differences help make the world a more interesting and better place?

Interested in using this e-book in your classroom?

See our tips for how to use this book to teach children about differences and similarities in early care and education settings,.