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Live Courses

When Families Know, Children Grow: Building Families’ Knowledge of Parenting and Child Development

Cristina Espinoza, QSLA Family Education Coordinator
Part 1: Saturday, December 9, 9:00AM – 3:00PM, Part 2: Tuesday, January 23, 6:00 – 7:30PM

Are you seeking creative, research-based ways to chat with families about their child’s development? Come to our family education Train-the-Trainer series: ”When Families Know, Children Grow: Building Families’ Knowledge of Parenting and Child Development”! QSLA created this adaptable multi-part family workshop series focusing on child development for early learning providers like yourself, using the First 5 CA New Parent Toolkit. This curriculum provides information and resources about milestones, safety, and positive parenting to engage families in nurturing conversations around promoting healthy development from birth to five – including concerns about development, screening, and more.

Part 1 is an in-person Train-the-Trainer day on December 9th and Part 2 is an optional virtual Community of Practice discussion space on January 23rd, 2024.

  • During Part 1’s in-person training, you will receive all curriculum materials: a printed copy of the curriculum, a family toolkit, the Knuffle Bunny book, supplemental resources, and more!
  • In order to attend Part 2’s Community of Practice, you will need to have attended the Child Development Train-the-Trainer session from the December 2023 round OR from January 2023 round.

Part 1 Train-the-Trainer:
Saturday, December 9, 9:00AM – 3:00PM
Location: Child Care Resource Center, 20001 Prairie St, Chatsworth, CA 91311

Breakfast and lunch will be provided!

Part 2 Virtual CoP:
Tuesday, January 23, 6:00 – 7:30PM

Discovering Me: Cultural Awareness in Early Childhood Self-Identity "發現自我:兒童早期文化意識與自我認同"

December 16, 9:00AM - 11:00AM

In this course, we delve into the essential aspects of cultural awareness and self-identity development in young children. Participants will have a deep understanding of the significance of cultural awareness in early childhood self-identity and will be equipped with practical tools to support children in their self-discovery journey.

在這門課程中,我們深入探討了幼兒文化意識和自我認同發展的重要面向。 參與者將深刻理解文化意識對幼兒自我認同的重要性,並將掌握實用工具,以支持孩子們在他們的自我發現之旅中。

This training is in Mandarin.

Head Start and Early Learning Division Training Calendar

July 2023 - June 2024

Los Angeles County Office of Education (LACOE) has released their new training calendar for July 2023 – June 2024.  Click the link below to view the calendar and click the button to log in and register!

Online registration through OMS is REQUIRED to ensure access to any of the listed training events. All training and meeting events will be conducted through a distance and virtual learning platform. All registrants will receive a link via email prior to the training/meeting date.

Click Here to View the Training Calendar!

CPIN: ECE Leadership Community of Practice

Nov 17, Jan 12, Feb 9, March 8, April 12, May 10 12:30 PM—2:00PM

This community of practice is intended for ECE instructional leads, coordinators, assistant directors and/or directors that are interested in exploring issues related to curriculum, instruction, family engagement, or other topics of interest that would contribute to improved child outcomes. Through this community of practice ECE leaders throughout Los Angeles County will have an opportunity to engage in a process of collective learning by sharing knowledge and best practices through facilitated conversations around common topics of interest or a problem of practice.


  • Engage in facilitated conversations around a specific topic of interest, domain and/or problem of practice centered around CA Preschool Learning Foundations and other key CDE Early Learning documents.
  • Build community and relationships that enable members to learn from each other.
  • Develop a shared repertoire of resources: experiences, stories, tools, ways of addressing recurring problems—in short, a shared practice.


Need Help Enrolling in our Live Trainings?

Need help signing up? Have any questions?

Check out our QSLA Connect Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) webpage for helpful information. Please contact if your issue is not addressed here.


  • Trainings are for QSLA participating programs and staff only (not for coaches)
  • Registration and Professional Development (PD) credit is provided through the ECE Workforce Registry within 2 weeks of the training. Don’t have an account? Create one for free HERE.
  • Training attendees will only receive credit hours upon completion of the entire training. If you cannot commit to the full duration of a scheduled training, check back for future opportunities, as we offer these trainings multiple times per year.
  • If you cannot attend a training for which you have already registered, please withdraw through QSLA Connect so that a waitlisted registrant may take your place.

Other Professional Development Opportunities

Trauma Informed Care Series

The Trauma-Informed Care (TIC) Training Series for Providers is a series of trainings created for the Los Angeles County Emergency Child Care Bridge Program that are available to all LA County childcare providers, including those who are not actively participating in the Bridge Program.

Child care providers can receive professional development credit for attending these trainings through the ECE Workforce Registry.  The 7 available modules include:

  • Orientation to the Emergency Child Care Bridge for Foster Children
  • Module 1 – How Trauma Impacts Development, Part 1
  • Module 2 – How Trauma Impacts Development, Part 2
  • Module 3 – Identifying Childhood Trauma
  • Module 4 – Responding to Childhood Trauma, Part 1
  • Module 5 – Responding to Childhood Trauma, Part 2
  • Module 6 – Strengthening Families
  • Module 7 – Self-Care for Providers

Available Live Bridge Trauma Informed Care modules can be accessed via QSLA Connect!

Inclusive ECE: Live and Self-Paced Trainings!

You asked for trainings on Special Needs and Inclusion and we listened! Through our partnership with LACOE, QSLA providers can now access the 14 different Inclusive ECE (IECE) self-paced modules or sign up for upcoming LIVE courses by visiting the IECE website and making an account.

*NOTE for QSLA Providers:  Please enter the phrase “QSLA Participant” in the comments/questions/special requests box when registering through LACOE’s on-line learning system.

Upcoming Trainings:

Check the LACOE website regularly for newly added trainings.

Click the image above to download the PDF version with links to each professional development website.

QSLA and QSLA Partner Training Calendar

November 2023

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
  • TIC - Orientation to the Emergency Child Care Bridge Program for Foster Children
  • Social-Emotional Development: Self
  • CPIN Physical Development: Fundamental Movement Skills
  • TIC - Module 5: Responding to Childhood Trauma, Part 2
  • SEEDS: Understanding Infants & Toddlers Cues Part 2
  • CPIN Physical Development: Fundamental Movement
  • Matemáticas en familia con PBS: “Capacitar al capacitador/a”
  • Matemáticas: Sentido Numérico
  • HT 3 - Trauma historico: del pasado al presente
  • TIC - Module 5: Responding to Childhood Trauma, Part 2
  • TIC - Module 1: How Trauma Impacts Development, Part 1
  • TIC-Module 1: How Trauma Impacts Development Part 1
  • Inclusion Works! Expanded Webinar Virtual Series! Part 2
  • Fortaleciendo familias con factores protectores: Módulo #6: Conexiones sociales
  • TIC - Module 6: Strengthening Families
  • SEEDS: Comprender las Señales de los Bebés y Niños Pequeños Parte 2
  • HT 3 - Historical trauma: from past to present
  • TIC - Module 6: Strengthening Families
  • TIC - Module 2: How Trauma Impacts Development, Part 2
  • SEEDS - Parte 1: Reconocer las Señales de los Bebés y Niños Pequeños
  • TIC-Module 2: How Trauma Impacts Development Part 2
  • SEEDS: Responding in Hot Moments to Infants & Toddlers Part 3
  • TIC - Módulo 6: Fortaleciendo Familias
  • Empowering Educators: Trauma-Informed Art for Classroom Transformation
  • ECE Leadership CoP
  • CPIN Social-Emotional Development: Relationships
  • Empoderando a los Educadores: Arte con Enfoque Trauma-Informado para la Transformación del Aula
  • SEEDS: Responder en Momentos de Alteracion a los Bebés y Niños Pequeños Parte 3
  • TIC - Module 3: Identifying Childhood Trauma
  • SEEDS - Parte 2: Comprender las Señales de los Bebés y Niños Pequeños
  • TIC - Module 4: Responding to Childhood Trauma, Part 1
  • CPIN La Colaboración Con Las Familias y La Cultura
  • TIC - Module 3: Identifying Childhood Trauma
  • TIC - Module 7: Self Care for Providers