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Diversity & Equity

Quality Start Los Angeles (QSLA) believes that all children deserve the opportunity to learn and grow in a safe, nurturing, and caring environment where their differences are celebrated and their culture, family structure, language, racial identity, gender identity, abilities and disabilities, religious beliefs, and economic status are embraced.

The diversity and equity resources below are designed to support early educators in creating environments that are inclusive and create a sense of belonging for ALL students and families.

Classroom Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

NEW: Banning our Babies: Addressing the Suspensions of Black Children throughout ECE. (Webinar Recording) -This powerful webinar, hosted by PEACH and Black Minds Matter, confronts  systemic  issues of bias and racism within early learning using  research, narrative, and ideas for positive change.

NEW:  Websites to Support Your Diversity and Equity Learning Process:

My Name My Identity Educator Toolkit

Creating an Inclusive and Respectful School Community (Santa Clara County Office of Education):  This toolkit features activities that emphasize the importance of validating names, identity, and establishing inclusive communities for programs serving children prek-12th grade. The toolkit is designed to create assets-based and student responsive schools and early learning programs, a core principle in the California English Learner Roadmap.


How to Support Young Learners in Racially Diverse Classrooms (Edutopia)

Talking to Children About Race and Racism (Head Start)

Explore these tips and resources, for families and staff, that address how young children learn about race and ways to talk to children to help them have open and healthy conversations, at all ages.

Teaching Differences and Similarities to Children

Quality Start LA’s Me and My Friends e-book was created to help guide conversations about diversity and inclusion.

Guide for Selecting Anti-Bias Children’s Books:

This guide from, Teaching for Change, offers valuable tips for educators to help choose books that authentically represent the lives of the children and families they serve, as well as other communities and cultures.

Click here for a wide array of Early Childhood Anti-Bias Education Booklists (i.e. Gender Identity, families, disabilities, and more)

QSLA is proud of the many resources available on our website and hope they support your program and your family. If you are interested in sharing any of our QSLA created resources with your communities or on your website, social media or other platforms, please give QSLA credit by tagging us on Facebook @QualityStartLosAngeles or Twitter @QualityStartLA or sharing the link to our website for the resource.