Family Resources

Early Learning Activity Guides

Play is an important part of a child’s successful social emotional and early learning development. Check out the resources below for a variety of fun ways to engage your child in hands-on activities throughout the year.

Learn and Play with QSLA Activity Videos for Kids

Dive into a world of wonders as your little ones embark on captivating adventures, from crafting snow to nurturing a budding plant. Our engaging QSLA teammates are here to lead the way, offering guidance through these delightful learning experiences. Start exploring today and watch as your child’s imagination blossoms!

Monthly Activity Calendar

Each month, QSLA compiles both online and in-person early learning activities to help families support their child’s growth and development in fun and interesting ways!

Holiday Activity Guides

Fun activities and ideas to help you and your little ones celebrate your favorite holidays.

Early Learning Activity Guides

High quality early learning activities to build your little one’s science, math, fine motor skills and more!

Week of the Young Child Activity Guides

Check out QSLA’s activity guides that provide families with fun, interactive ways to celebrate each day of the Week of the Young Child!

QSLA is proud of the many resources available on our website and hope they support your program and your family. If you are interested in sharing any of our QSLA created resources with your communities or on your website, social media or other platforms, please give QSLA credit by tagging us on Facebook @QualityStartLosAngeles or Twitter @QualityStartLA or sharing the link to our website for the resource.