School Readiness Resources

Ready for School, Ready for Life

School ready children have the social and academic knowledge, skills, and behaviors that set them up for lifelong learning. School readiness occurs when families, schools, and communities support children to be successful in school and in life.

All children grow and develop at their own pace. This list of skills, knowledge, and behaviors help children be prepared to enter school. Use these checklists to identify the skills you can help your child develop in order to prepare them for lifelong learning.

In LA County, some schools use tools that assess incoming kindergarteners on five areas of development – also known as “the five domains,” which provide insight into young children’s readiness for kindergarten. The five domains include social competence, emotional maturity, language and cognitive skills, communication skills and physical health and well-being.

➡ Click here to learn which immunizations are required for elementary school.

Booklists & Bookmark!

QSLA creates marvelous booklists in collaboration with local library partners, focused on topics like the transition back to school. Click here to view the ‘Read from the Start: Back to School’ booklists from August 2023 and August 2022!

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School Types Parent Perspectives!

Learn more about the different school types to help choose which program is right for your child(ren). Watch parent share their experience with programs, including enrollment processes and benefits.

Visit the page here!  Videos are available in English and Spanish.

Back to School & Ready for Kindergarten Checklists!

Click on our school readiness checklists below to make sure you and your little one are ready for a successful transition!  You can print or download the PDFs to keep on your phone or at your home to see how your preparations are going! Available in English, Spanish, and Chinese.  For Chinese, please see below the images.