QSLA Models

The purpose of Quality Start Los Angeles (QSLA) is to create a system that partners with licensed early learning providers in LA County, centers and family child care homes, to build upon and improve the quality of care and learning they provide to children ages birth to five.  

QSLA supports early learning providers through two quality improvement (coaching) models:

  • Fundamental Model
  • Comprehensive Model

QSLA’s coaching takes a strengths-based approach and is built upon Practice-Based Coaching, Reflective Practice, and Servant Leadership strategies that support early learning professionals in their program and career development. 

There are a variety of early care and education programs and settings in which teachers and early childhood educators work. QSLA believes that no two sites, nor any coaching relationships, are alike. Each early childhood educator and coach create a unique relationship that builds upon their strengths. Coaches work with early educators and program leaders to identify and support their individual quality improvement goals to help them take the next step in their early education journey.

All sites participate voluntarily in one of the two models and eligibility is based on the site’s funding.

Fundamental Model

The Fundamental Model serves centers that are not funded by the California State Preschool Program (CSPP),  family child care homes (FCC) and Family, Friends and Neighbor providers (FFN). Quality improvement (QI) supports are the same for all sites and QI activities are focused on the CA ECE Competencies as well as the unique needs of the site.

Assessments are not administered for this model and ratings are not assigned to sites in the Fundamental Model.

Sites receive an annual financial incentive of $600.00 to participate.

For more details about the Fundamental Model click here.

Comprehensive Model

The Comprehensive Model serves centers that are funded by the California State Preschool Program (CSPP) and is designed to assess, rate, and improve quality for CSPP centers. QI activities are focused on the Quality Counts CA QRIS Rating Matrix and are based on the tier rating that each site receives after an assessment is conducted.

Comprehensive sites receive an annual financial incentive, ranging from $2,000 to $8,000, depending on the site tier rating.   

Meet The QSLA Coaching Teams

As part of QSLA, the coaching teams provide services and support to providers in the Los Angeles County area. They partner with LACOE (LA County Office of Education) and Child Care Alliance of Los Angeles to support educators with trainings, coaching services & professional development.