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Zhou Family Child Care


Monterey Park, CA

Rated on: 6/26/2018*

Adult-Child Interactions 3 Stars Has been rated on the quality of teacher-child interactions and has a plan for improvements
Physical Environment 3 Stars Has been rated on if the quality of the learning environment is safe, clean, and enriching, and has a plan for improvements
Developmental Screening and Monitoring 5 Stars Ensures children receive annual physicals and works with families to see if children are developing on track, including social and emotional development. Programs use results to provide additional supports as needed.
Child Observation and Planning 4 Stars Uses a state-approved tool to observe children’s development at least twice a year, and uses the results to plan learning activities in the classroom
Staff Qualifications - Family Child Care Home Provider 4 Stars Associate degree in early
childhood education,
or a Site Supervisor Permit from the CA Department of Education. Staff completes 21 hours of professional development annually

Note: QSLA providers are rated every two years. The above score is a reflection of the aspects of quality that were observed on a designated “rating” day, and on corresponding data that was gathered during the assessment period.

Sites are assigned a tier rating on a 5-point scale using the Quality Continuum Framework.

To verify that sites are currently in good standing, in compliance, and that there are no outstanding violations, we encourage you to check with the California Department of Social Services, Community Care Licensing Department (CDSS-CCLD).

*Tier ratings are updated on this web page every January, May, and September. Changes to a provider’s tier rating due to a recent assessment will be reflected at the next update.