Sharing Your Tier Rating with Staff and Families

Sharing Your Tier Rating with Staff and Families

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Why do we participate in QSLA?

  • Participation in this program is voluntary. We participate because we want to provide children with the best possible learning environment, and want parents to always know their child is taken care of and in good hands once they drop them off.
  • Most child care programs are licensed and we are going above and beyond these standards to provide high quality services.
  • Quality Start LA is part of a state and nationwide movement. Most states also have programs like these and we’re proud to be part of this growing group that is making quality early learning the standard for all children.
  • rates our program based on standards developed by the state of CA. Once our site is rated, we receive hands-on support to help our program achieve its goals. This can come in the form of professional development, and/or a coach who has specialized training related to child development.

What does our Rating mean?

There are five possible ratings that a QSLA program can receive:

  • Our rating lets families know how our program is doing according to the quality standards that were developed by the state of California. These standards are aligned with our mission to always create a safe, positive, and engaging learning atmosphere for the children in our care.
  • Our rating showed that we did well in [areas where we had a strong score].
  • Our goals for the year are [areas where we are focusing on quality improvement].