Lilit Barsegyan – ARS-Nairy – Support for QSLA

Lilit Barsegyan‘s QSLA Story



Armenian Relief Society (ARS)-Nairy Preschool & Day Care Center,
a QSLA participating provider


Lilit’s secret recipe for giving children the best start is to love them and always seek out best practices she can bring into their learning environment. Thanks to Quality Start LA, Lilit, the program director at ARS-Nairy Preschool, can accomplish her unwavering commitment to advancing the quality of her program. ARS-Nairy Preschool has been in the Quality Start LA program for three years, and has a 5 tier rating.

When children have high-quality early learning experiences, they are more prepared to succeed in school and in life. Research has shown that these high quality opportunities have positive ripple effects in the economy, safety, health, and well-being of the entire community. The goal of Quality Start LA is to enhance the quality of early learning programs in Los Angeles County so that more children can benefit.

High-quality care is a top concern for every parent. But it often comes at great expense, making it difficult for many families to afford. In Los Angeles County, countless children—from low-income communities and communities of color in particular—struggle to access quality care and education and start their formal education unprepared to succeed.

ARS-Nairy Preschool opened its doors with a mission to support working moms in the community by providing high-quality care and education to their children. But it was a rocky start. With no financial support to subsidize or reduce the cost for families, enrollment dropped and families most in need were unable to access the program.

Lilit knew that she needed support to change the direction of her program around. ARS-Nairy Preschool became an early participant in Los Angeles County’s early learning quality improvement initiatives, first the universal preschool program and now Quality Start LA. Thanks to these supports, Lilit and her team are able to provide affordable care to more families in their community, and they receive ongoing professional development, coaching, resources, and financial incentives to help them stay at the top of an ever-changing early learning field.

Their efforts to maintain their QSLA 5 Tier Rating do not go unnoticed. ARS-Nairy Preschool recently secured a grant from the state preschool program to provide subsidized care to low-income families.

“Our application got 114 out of 114. It was scored 100%. This was because of the help we get from QSLA. It’s not just about us. It’s about us and QSLA.”

At ARS-Nairy Preschool, the children are well-loved. But it’s the commitment of the staff to growing and learning in their field that means the children in the program are receiving the high-quality early learning experiences they need.


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