Lilit Barsegyan – ARS-Nairy – Expansion

Lilit Barsegyan‘s QSLA Story


Armenian Relief Society (ARS)-Nairy Preschool & Day Care Center,
a QSLA participating provider


Like many of her staff, Lilit Barsegyan never thought she’d have a career in early childhood education when she was completing a literature and journalism degree in her native Armenia. But a part-time job as a preschool teacher during graduate school and involvement in the Armenian Relief Society in Montebello, California, led her to become a founding director of the Society’s first preschool and day care.

She received a degree in child development and continues to pursue learning and professional development through her participation in Quality Start Los Angeles. Her program has since transformed into one of the best in Los Angeles County, earning QSLA’s 5 Tier Rating.

Early childhood educators play an essential role in the development of our children. Their professional development and knowledge are huge factors that guide the quality of care children receive. For this reason, Quality Start LA is dedicated to supporting early learning educators with teaching strategies, classroom management techniques, and much more.

Research shows that high quality early learning experiences set the foundation for future learning, with positive outcomes that last well into adulthood. Quality Start LA empowers educators to pursue a path of ongoing professional development and support so they can continue to enhance their development and the quality of the classrooms they lead.

At ARS-Nairy Preschool, teachers take advantage of Quality Start LA’s coaching, resources, and financial incentives to give children the early care and educational experiences they deserve. Like Lilit, some teachers in the program have gone on to pursue degrees in child development. Quality Start LA has empowered and provided the way for Lillit and her staff to explore and grow in a profession that they hadn’t imagined prior to immigrating to the United States from Armenia.

Lilit, the program director, understands the complexity of the early learning field and thanks Quality Start LA for helping her staff continue their education and professional development to become high-quality teachers.

“You need to always change your program, to implement new things, and find new ways to work with children. Our story has been a success story.”


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