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Read from the Start – Quality Start LA has teamed up with the Los Angeles Public Library (LAPL) System, the LA County Library (LACL) System,  the Pasadena Public Library and Sesame Street in Communities to bring you “Read from the Start.”

Each month, QSLA and your local library systems will work together to develop a themed booklist, reading tips, and family activities all designed for families with children ages birth to five. Click on the Read from the Start booklists below to download a PDF of the list.

September 2020: Importance of Community

Monthly Booklist: To print out and share!

Click on the the images below to download the PDF of the booklists, or scroll to the bottom of the page to find every book at your local Los Angeles Public, LA County Library, and Pasadena Public Library.

Monthly Activity: Showing We Care

As we stay socially distant from those in our family and community whom we care about, it’s a good time to reach out and remind them how important they are. Try this fun activity to keep those bonds strong even when far away.

  1. With markers or crayons, help your child draw a page full of hearts.
  2. Ask your child to share a kind message they’d like to give to a friend or family member. Then, write each message down in a separate heart with the person’s name.
  3. Give your child an opportunity to color the hearts with bright colors, patterns, or objects that remind them of their loved ones.
  4. Help your child cut out the hearts and hide them to surprise each person (if they live with your child). If that person lives elsewhere, help your child send the surprise heart by mail, leave in a visible location, or send a picture of their surprise heart.
  5. Ask your child, “How do you think _____ will feel when they find this surprise?” or “What are other ways we can show love and thanks to those we care about?”
This activity is inspired by Sesame Street in Communities’ activity “Showing We Care.”

For more activities related to the booklist, click on the links below to further engage children in these stories and keep their little minds and bodies active.

25 Reading and Writing Activities

Click the links below for more books available for read aloud from:

Reading is Fundamental: Some of your favorite stories available for children pre-k through 6th grade!

Storyline Online: Watch as some of your favorite actors and actresses read their stories aloud to your little ones!

Monthly Family Reading Tip: Building Literacy for Dual Language Learners

Is there more than one language spoken in your home? Research says, the more languages, the better! Young children are especially good at picking up new languages, so now is the time to read, speak, and sing with your child in multiple languages. Dual language learners tend to develop greater memory, reasoning, and problem solving skills. Pick one of several books above that are offered in English and Spanish to get started!

Check these books out at your local library!

Find this month’s books available for digital download at your local library or for read-aloud on Youtube.

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