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Resources for Early Educators

Supporting dual language learners (DLL) in your early learning programs requires specific effort and resources.  Below are a variety of tools and supports to help you provide high impact learning opportunities for the young DLLs in your care.

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We are excited to announce the availability of a printed brochure, encouraging families to speak more than one language at home. It includes tips and easy access to QSLA’s online Dual Language Learning resources for families.

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“Two Languages, Twice the Opportunities” Social Media Toolkit

To get the “Two Languages, Twice the Opportunities” campaign in front of as many families as possible, we ask for your help with outreach. This social media toolkit provides sample materials you can use to share the campaign with your network. It includes sample messaging, social media posts, graphics, and contact information. Help us spread the word!

NEW DLL Identification process in CSPP!

California has a NEW asset-based DLL identification process for CSPP funded programs. The process helps state preschool teachers and administrators strengthen their work in supporting DLL children and their families. Watch Early Edge California’s video to learn more about it.  Here’s a great resource to support a positive process for everyone:  DLL Identification Guide.

“After having this conversation with my son’s preschool teacher, she was very supportive in helping him learn English but also continuing the Spanish language.” – Parent

For more information or resources on AB1363 click here! Have  questions about PLIS?  Send your questions to PLIS@cde.ca.gov

Dual Language Learner Support from CDE

The Early Education Division (EED) at the California Department of Education (CDE) has created a Dual Language Learner (DLL) Support web page. This web page provides technical support, guidance, and resources for the identification, reporting, and support of dual language learners in California State Preschool Programs (CSPP).

New: 5 Ways to Empower Dual Language Learners

22% of children in the United States are either bilingual or multilingual. This resource provides early childhood educators with several ways to utilize each child’s cultural and linguistic their assets to help children to create a solid foundation from which they can learn, develop and positively engage with the world. (HiMama)

Ready For DLL Mobile App

Ready DLL is a mobile application (app) for early learning teachers and caregivers who support children who are dual language learners (DLLs). Access resources, learn key words and phrases, and discover implementation strategies from your smartphone.

Supporting Multilingual Students in the Early Grades

Five ways teachers can celebrate and extend the linguistic expertise of young students who speak two or more languages.

Personalized Oral Language Learning (POLL) Strategies

Innovative practices to support young Dual Language Learners which are concrete approaches that support learning in all environments for children birth to five years of age.

Sobrato Early Academic Language (SEAL)

A powerful English Learner-focused approach to education rooted at the intersection of research and educational equity. Provides teaching strategies and other resources for supporting young English Learners.

DLL Supports: A self-reflection tool for early educators

A boy sits on the carpet with his pregnant mother and reads a book.

NEW: Engaging Dual Language Learner Families in Their Children’s Early Education (Research Brief-First 5 CA)

Engaging Dual Language Learner Families in Their Children’s Early Education  (Research Brief-First 5 CA): This research highlights new data about how families value dual language learning in their early learning programs, key strategies to support DLL children and families and the importance of relationships in supporting DLLs.

Early Edge

Policy and advocacy resources in support of multi-lingual learners and dual-immersion education programs.

LA librería

LA librería specializes in helping libraries, schools and school districts develop or strengthen Spanish language book collections to meet the needs of their readers and their educational programs.

QSLA is proud of the many resources available on our website and hope they support your program and your family. If you are interested in sharing any of our QSLA created resources with your communities or on your website, social media or other platforms, please give QSLA credit by tagging us on Facebook @QualityStartLosAngeles or Twitter @QualityStartLA or sharing the link to our website for the resource