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Being a parent or caregiver raising a dual language learner is an amazing opportunity to support your child’s brain, social emotional, and cultural development!  Speaking many languages is a SUPERPOWER and a gift that you are giving your child.

The resources below are tools that can help you on this incredible journey to support your child’s developing bi-/multilingualism.

Click here for QSLA’s Family Workshops! This page features read aloud events, self-paced courses for families, and read aloud recordings  in different languages!

Click here to learn more about the DLL Initiative’s Professional Development opportunities.

Watch and share our NEW DLL Initiative video!

“Two Languages, Twice the Opportunities” Social Media Toolkit

To get the “Two Languages, Twice the Opportunities” campaign in front of as many families as possible, we ask for your help with outreach. This social media toolkit provides sample materials you can use to share the campaign with your network. It includes sample messaging, social media posts, graphics, and contact information. Help us spread the word!

Get a FREE DLL Resource for Families (English / Spanish)

Check out this new FREE DLL Resource for Families in English and Spanish
We are excited to announce the availability of a printed brochure, encouraging families to speak more than one language at home. It includes tips and easy access to QSLA’s online Dual Language Learning resources for families.

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Click on the Dual Language Learner Family Workshop Resource Guides and Tips below for downloadable/printable versions with tons of resources to support your family!

Your Baby is a Linguistic dynamo. Turbocharge their superpower!

Check out the Los Angeles Times new Guide to Early Learning 2024 that highlights our DLL Initiative and offers insights into why language is your child’s secret superpower and why speaking a second language at home makes your child amazing. Check out all the research here and start unlocking your child’s full potential today!

DLL Parent Perspective Videos

Hear other parents and caregivers of young dual language learners share their experiences helping their little ones develop multi-lingual skills, learn about their at home activities and their experiences with choosing dual immersion programs.

California Dual Immersion Schools Listing

Enter your zip code or city to find the closest Dual Immersion program near you.

NEW: Read Together, Create Together: Multilingual Read Aloud Series

The Benefits of Dual Language Programs for Early Learners

Father Involvement in Infant Dual Language Development (Webinar Recording)

SEAL: Bilingualism: Through the Eyes of a Student

SEAL: Bilingualism Through the Eyes of Families

QSLA is proud of the many resources available on our website and hope they support your program and your family. If you are interested in sharing any of our QSLA created resources with your communities or on your website, social media or other platforms, please give QSLA credit by tagging us on Facebook @QualityStartLosAngeles or Twitter @QualityStartLA or sharing the link to our website for the resource.