Tips for Attending Our Webinars

Tips for Attending Our Webinars

Follow these tips to ensure you have a successful webinar and receive Professional Development credit!

1. Register on the ECE Registry

If you have not registered for a training on the ECE Registry before, please read these instructions.

2. Add us to your safe senders list

This will ensure that critical updates about your training will make it to your inbox. Here are some instructions on how to do that for various email services.

3. Make sure you can access the email associated with your ECE Registry Account

This is the email we will use to send you the Zoom link for the webinar.  If you would like it sent to a different e-mail, please e-mail Wendolly Escobar at at least 24 hours before the webinar with the specific e-mail you would prefer to use.

4. Check to make sure you received the Zoom link

On the business day before the webinar, you should receive an email with the Zoom link and instructions from If you have not received the email by 3pm on the day before the webinar, do the following:

Check your spam/junk folder

Email spam is unwanted junk mail for your inbox. Most email services automatically filter out spam emails into a folder known as the spam folder or junk folder, but sometimes, important emails like ours can end up in the spam folder by mistake. Here’s how to check your junk mail in Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo!, and AOL mail. NOTE: if you have an email address, follow the instructions for Outlook.

If you still cannot find the email, reach out to Wendolly Escobar ( or Carter Vitacco (

Please note that if you reach out to us on the same day as the training, there is a chance we might not be able to help in time for you to access the webinar.


If you attempt to log on more than 10 minutes late, you will not be let in.

6. Check that your audio and camera are working

It is also helpful if your displayed name matches your name on the ECE Registry. 

7. Enjoy the webinar!

Sharing your video is encouraged, but not required. Backgrounds are always welcome.