Two Languages, Twice the Opportunities Dual Language Learning Campaign

Two Languages, Twice the Opportunities

When we support children in learning more than one language, we give them a superpower! Being multilingual can lead to improved academic and social emotional abilities, more career opportunities, and better financial outcomes in your children’s lives. Plus, they will grow up with greater awareness of their heritage, create more meaningful connections with friends and family, and enter kindergarten ready to succeed.

  • Praise your child’s efforts to speak your home language.
  • Read books to your child in your home language or that feature your culture.
  • Play your favorite cultural games while speaking your home language.
  • Ask your child’s teachers and caregivers to support your home language.
  • Take your child to cultural festivals or events to learn about their heritage.
  • Teach your child songs in your home language. Make it fun!
  • Watch age-appropriate videos and movies with your child in your home language. Be mindful of screen time limits.

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“Two Languages, Twice the Opportunities” Social Media Toolkit

To get the “Two Languages, Twice the Opportunities” campaign in front of as many families as possible, we ask for your help with outreach. This social media toolkit provides sample materials you can use to share the campaign with your network. It includes sample messaging, social media posts, graphics, and contact information. Help us spread the word!

Campaign Launch Encourages Dual Language Learning Across L.A. County

“Two Languages. Twice the Opportunities.” That’s the message of the DLL Initiative’s new campaign that encourages families to support their children’s bilingual development and recognize the value of their home language. Learn more about how this multi-partner campaign is spreading the message about the benefits of being bilingual and bicultural. It’s time to empower the next generation