Why Does Quality Matter?

Why Does Quality Matter?

Research shows that high quality, early learning experiences can improve a child’s health, social-emotional skills, and academic readiness for school. Furthermore, children are more likely to graduate high school, pursue higher education or job training, and earn higher incomes.

Early learning providers that engage in high quality interactions with children offer increased exposure to new vocabulary, one-on-one conversations, and developmentally appropriate experiences that promote social, emotional and cognitive growth.

According to Child Trends, participation in a strong early learning program can help improve adult productivity and reduce spending on special education, increase grade retention, and lower involvement in the welfare and criminal justice systems.

What Are the Benefits?

  • Quality Start Los Angeles is a cost-effective initiative that ensures the advancement of quality in participating early learning environments.
  • Quality Start Los Angeles provides standardized tools and systems for guiding improvement and investment in early learning programs to reduce the opportunity gap.
  • Every $1 invested in high quality early learning saves $7-14 by reducing the need for remedial and special education, juvenile justice and welfare support (National Institute for Early Childhood Education Research).

You Can Make a Difference

Securing additional support and funding for Quality Start Los Angeles is critical because additional funding and support can help more families, children, and providers in Los Angeles County.

By investing in high-quality early learning opportunities for children, you are helping to foster tomorrow’s leaders, workers, and community members.

Quality Start Los Angeles:

  • Informs families about the importance of finding a quality early learning program for their child.
  • Helps providers be fairly assessed by providing a common standards and practices.
  • Helps children by providing ongoing support and resources that staff and teachers can use to enhance their services and programs.
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