Apply for QSLA

Are You Interested in Applying to be Part of Quality Start Los Angeles?

Programs Eligible to Apply are:

  1. Located in LA County
  2. Licensed child care programs serving children birth to 5 years old
  3. In good standing with Community Care Licensing for at least 6 months

NOTE: If you have already submitted an application, you are currently on the waitlist. Please do not submit a new application. Existing QSLA providers DO NOT need to submit a new application.

*QSLA coaching and professional development services are being offered virtually at the moment. However, in-person coaching services are offered to providers as an option.

Have Questions? Contact QSLA at 855-507-4443 or

If you are a Family Child Care provider or non-CSPP center, learn more about QSLA and how to apply by clicking the “Tell Me More” button below.

If you are a CSPP-funded center, learn more about QSLA and how to submit an application by clicking the “Tell Me More” button below.