What types of providers are eligible to join QSLA’s Comprehensive Model?

Any licensed CSPP-funded center can apply to QSLA’s Comprehensive Model.  Your license must be  in good standing for 6 months prior to submitting your QSLA application.  Whether you’re a veteran in the early learning field, or a brand new provider, QSLA is for you!

If I am part of an agency that has several sites already participating in QSLA, can I submit an application for those sites with CSPP funding not yet participating?

Yes, we encourage agencies to submit applications for all sites not yet participating in QSLA, both sites with and sites without CSPP funding.  If you have sites without CSPP funding, please learn more about that  QSLA model here.

Can I enroll if I was previously in QSLA but withdrew or am no longer participating for other reasons?

Yes, you can re-enroll for QSLA’s Comprehensive Model, as long as you are still a licensed CSPP-funded center and in good-standing for at least 6 months.

If I previously received a QSLA rating, but then withdrew from the program, will I need to be rated again?

Yes, you will need to be rated again; ratings are based on classroom environments, teacher-interactions, and staff qualifications which often change. The good news is, once you are rated again, your tier rating is valid for 3 years if you receive a Tier 1-3, or 5 years if you receive a tier 4-5.

Is this the same QSLA model that requires an assessment from UCLA?

Yes, however there have been some changes over the years. This quality improvement model does include external observations using the CLASS (teacher-child Interaction) tools as part of it’s quality rating process. All CSPP-funded providers newly enrolled in QSLA will participate in this comprehensive, full-assessment model.

Are the incentives for this QSLA model based on a rating?

No, at this time incentives are not based on site’s Tier Rating. Each CSPP-funded site will receive an Annual Site Incentive of $7000, regardless of tier rating.

Are incentives awarded to individual classrooms at a center or are they awarded to the entire site?

Incentives are awarded to the entire site.

I have friends whose sites are participating in QSLA; how is this QSLA model different from theirs?

There are a few similarities and differences between this model and the one for non-CSPP-funded centers and Family Child Care homes (FCCs)  participating in QSLA:


  • Formal Assessment: In this QSLA mode,  there is a formal assessment,  that includes CLASS assessments as well as other documentation submissions. Providers participating in this model must complete a QSLA Assessment based on the QCC Rating Matrix (link).
  • Posted Ratings: All providers in this model will have their QSLA ratings  posted on the QSLA website, as required by Quality Counts California. A site’s rating is valid for 3 years (for sites with a rating of Tier 1-3), and 5 years (for sites with rating of Tier 4-5).
  • Program Coaching:  Early learning programs will receive extra support from a QSLA program coach. Tier 1-3 providers will receive at least 6 coaching visits per year, for each CSPP-funded classroom at the site.  Tier 4 and 5 providers will decide if they would like a site administrator/leader, a group of teachers, or one (1) CSPP classroom teaching team to work with a coach up to six (6) times per year to establish their Quality Improvement goals and action items.


 ALL QSLA providers, regardless of what model they are participating in, will:

  • Have access to ALL QSLA professional development trainings, workshops, and learning communities.
  • Have access to QSLA’s digital resources, website content, etc.
  • Develop a customized Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) and receive a follow-up check-in each year to receive support and guidance from a trained QSLA coach on achieving those goals.
  • Receive support when creating a profile on the California ECE Workforce Registry, which helps early educators track professional development training hours and identify on-going training opportunities.
How long should the application take to complete?

The application should take only about 15 minutes and can be done in parts. If you need to stop working on the application, you can save and start again when it is more convenient.

What do I do if I have questions about how to complete the application?

Application instructions are available here: Center-Based Program (English), Family Child Care Home  (English)

Click here for the NEW QSLA Center On-line Application User Guide!

Is there a way to check the status of my application or update contact or other information after I’ve completed it?

Be sure to save your username and password after registering – you will need this to check the status of your application and/or update contact information at this link: QSLA Application

What happens after I submit my application? What are next steps for my enrollment?

Once your application is complete, you will receive a notification that you have been placed on a waitlist. (Please check your spam folder, if you do not receive this notification in your main e-mail folder) If selected, you will be contacted about your enrollment at a later date.

If your program is not chosen, you will also receive an e-mail notifying you that your site has not been selected but will remain on the waitlist for the next enrollment period.